"Committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music" - The Gospel Music Center of KC KS
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Leta Mowen: Email:  letamowen68gmail.com or RL@glorybarnmusic.org and send an attachment.

Please ask us for the mailing address if you send your promotional packet by mail.  Do NOT send it to the church address, it will not be delivered there. Our church pastor works out of his home during the week.

All of our mikes, monitors, etc. must be connected throughout the evening so that it is available for the Glory Barn band. 
If it isn't possible for you to use our system, please notify us at least two weeks ahead of your scheduled time.  Thank you! 

Donations are accepted.  Thank you for helping us stay a non - profit organization.  May the Lord bless you!

          Faith Temple Family Worship Center
        THE GLORY BARN on Saturday nights!
     KANSAS CITY KS 66106

 Welcome!  We are the directors of the Glory Barn

Greetings from the 
Glory Barn Gospel Music Center of Kansas City, KS !

We are honored to be the director(s) and want to continue the music ministry that
Rev Sammy Sampson started 44 years ago. 
Question:  "What type of music can you hear?" 
Our desire is to keep the Glory Barn, all gospel musicKeeping with the tradition, no country music or christian rock will be permitted. However, bluegrass. country gospel, southern gospel, christian contemporary music, and all music that glorifies God will be acceptable. 
Our Glory Barn band is available to everyone who needs live backup music when they sing.   We have our regulars that come and support the Glory Barn through their singing and/or through their giving.  If it wasn't for our love offerings from our listeners, we wouldn't be able to pay our guest performers!

We love the Lord and enjoy singing for him and meeting our new groups and guests coming to the GB.  If you are ready for a fun evening, the Glory Barn is just the place and you and will be blessed. Invite your church members, singers, and friends too.

Leta Mowen - Promoter,
Singer, organist, pianist, song writer
Richard Mowen - Director of the Glory Barn
Singer, guitarist (lead, rhythm, & bass) 
Co-song writer and musician
Contact: 913-707-4443
 Our website address is: http://www.GloryBarnMusic.org
On a personal note: 

Rick and Leta duet together.
They love singing country gospel
and southern gospel music and have
been a weekly supporter of the Glory
Barn singing every Saturday evening
for 13 yrs before Rick became the Director
in 2008 and Leta the promoter. 
They are open for evening, afternoon or weekend concerts at festivals, churches, jamborees, birthdays and assisted living facilities. Contact phone:  913-707-4443
Email:  letamowen68@gmail.com
Thank you and God bless!
Come to the Glory Barn and hear them sing live and schedule them for your next event or email them at this address:

Rick and Leta Mowen