"Committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music" - The Gospel Music Center of KC KS

A casual Gospel Music Center
in Kansas City KS

Welcome to our website for gospel music!

Come on in and join us for a casual evening listening to gospel music with singers from around the United States and bring  your friends, and family too.  Grab a burger from our food bar, or order one of our famous taco salads and sit back and relax and have an enjoyable evening.  The doors are open every Saturday evening at 6:30pm.  Show starts at 7:00 pm.  We have changed our format somewhat and are now allowing singers to come and sign up to sing a couple of songs each with open mike every Saturday evening but don't worry; if you are not a singer we need you to come and listen too.  You will enjoy our singers and musicians and will want to come back again when you are in the area.  Admission is FREE!  On holidays when you may be having family at your house, why don't you bring them here. There's no admission charge and you can sit around the table together and listen to some excellent gospel singers, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and be blessed.  The Glory Barn is one of the few places provided in the Kansas City area that provides all gospel music.
We need you to help keep this venue open.  Our love offerings go to our guest performers and for upkeep on GB supplies.  We offer a food bar where you can line up and purchase one of our famous taco salads.  We have the regular hamburgers, cheeseburgers, nachos, all kinds of chips, hot dogs, chili dogs, burritoes, and much more! This is open every Saturday night for your enjoyment.  It's a great place for the entire family! Check out our dates on our Events page and choose when you might want to come.   We would love to have you!                     

Our sincere thanks,
Leta Mowen, GB Promoter
Richard Mowen, Director

* If you would like to be a featured singer, submit your information
on the Form Page along with a song in MP3 format."

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 Did you know that Salvation brings peace with God?
John 15:15
"I no longer call you servants, ....but I call you friends."
Through Christ's sacrifice, our past is pardoned and our future secure.
And, "Since we have been made right with God by our faith, we have
peace with God" (Romans 5:1).  Peace with God.  What a happy
consequence of faith!  Not just peace between countries, peace be
tween neighbors, or peace at home; salvation brings peace with God...
God is no longer a foe, but a friend. We are at peace with Him.
The Glory Barn is open every Saturday evening at 7:00 pm for singers to come and play their instruments, sing, or be our guests and sit back and/or listen to the music.
*See the Contact page if you are interested in singing as a
guest at the Glory Barn.

Our website for the Glory Barn address is: 
"Tell your friends about us and have them come with
you. I know they will enjoy the evening." .....Leta
 History of the Glory Barn:
In September of 2008, the
 former director,
 Rev. Sammy Sampson retired
 and handed over the reigns to
 Rick Mowen after thirty 
seven years. His wife Leta, is the promoter.
"Sammy" was the pastor of the church
for forty seven years.
We want to thank Rev. Sampson
for her many years of service to
this ministry and we are indebted
to her for her efforts. We caught the vision, her
vision and are keeping her wish with
all gospel music!

Our blessings to you and our love Sammy.
Rick and Leta Mowen -
Directors of the Glory Barn (2008-2015)

 *Come on in and get to know us a little better by browsing our website.*
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path,
at the Glory Barn you will find a supportive
community with a wealth of
sharing their story in word and through song in a
casual dinner/theater setting.  The director and his wife
are members of the church, Faith Temple Family Worship.
They share their talents through the avenues of Leta as church
organist and Rick as guitarist, and the Glory Barn director, and
singers.  They are known to many as,"Born To Live";
country gospel music.
We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and
joy - at every point in their life, and
encourage personal development & spiritual growth through and active service in our church and community.
We invite you to become a member of our congregation,
allowing God into your life through our various programs.

*Please send your checks to this address
c/o Director
5239 Lucille Lane
Shawnee, KS 66023
Thank you so much for your donation to help keep the dinner/theater doors open for Christian/gospel music for everyone!  Blessings to you.  A receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes.  Thank you for your support of this non profit business.

Here at THE GLORY BARN, we are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. We are a casual dinner/theater, open every Saturday evening at

3340 Woodend Ave
KC KS 66203
7 pm -9:30pm
*A non-profit organization

We offer a food bar, and an area for relaxing and eating, and listening to gospel music. Singers interested in singing may ask themselves, "I wonder what type of music they want?" (Refer to the "About Us" page)You may hear something that appeals to you that you really enjoy.  I know that we can't please everyone all of the time but by offering to you a variety of music, you surely will hear something that you will like. 

il you are interested in singing at the Glory Barn, you may submit a copy of your group or solo work to Rick Mowen (director) or his wife Leta (Promoter) and one of them will contact you.  Please fill out the information on our contact  page. Please send your promotional information to:All music needs to glorify God and not the artist. We need to hear words of inspiration and encouragement that bring hope and are uplifting to people. If you sing but don't have any musicians to back you up, our Glory Barn band will be more than happy to help. Just give them a key that is comfortable for you and they will catch on quickly. It's our pleasure to offer gospel music at it's best to you.Sincerely, Rick, Director Leta, Promoter